Mighty Heart

A man saw a snake being burned to death and decided to take it out of the fire. When he did, the snake bit him causing excruciating pain. The man dropped the snake, and the reptile fell right back into the fire.
So, the man looked around and found a metal pole and used it to take the snake out of the fire, saving its life.
Someone who was watching approached the man and said: “That snake bit you. Why are you still trying to save it?”
The man replied: “The nature of the snake is to bite, but that’s not going to change my nature, which is to help.”
Do not change your nature simply because someone harms you. Do not lose your good heart, but learn to take precautions

Leader V/S Boss

There is always a debate pop up about “BOSS” and “LEADER” in our circle. Many of us must have already researched and read about this topic already. Its a kind of a refresher for everyone and a reminder how important it is for us to reshape our behavior and attitude to be like a leader.

We love giving examples of the leaders and their hard work and achievements. But when it come to us to be a leader and behave like one, we failed to do so because its not butter and bed of roses to be a leader.

There are some points that we need to understand and slowly adapt these values and traits into our personalities, surely, we will be a leader one day. Its a long term process with long term commitments and efforts to have such abilities.

Boss Leader
Always Take Credit for himselfHe always gives credit to others
He always claim to Knows how it is doneHe shows how it is done.
he loves giving command to othersHe asks others how we can do 
He always Says “I”, “I did”He always says “WE”, “We did it”
He commands to “Go”He take ownership and says “Let’s Go”
In tough situation / problems he plays blame gameIn problematic situation, he work to Fix the problem
Take Advantage of othersEmpower others.
Boss is usually arroganta Leader is always humble and down to earth
He is an individual player think about “Himself”he is a “Team Player” and always take others with him

Now just take a random leader all around the globe and study his personality, you will surely find out almost the same traits in his personality.

Great examples of leaders are :

  1. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)
  2. Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Budha
  4. Jesus Christ

You can also refer to my post “A true Leader” which I have written on Hazrat Omer Bin Khattab (RA). https://hafizzeeshan.wordpress.com/2020/02/18/a-true-leader/

If we study the life of above mentioned some of the leaders, that will be a great learning and motivation for us to be like one.


Thank you so much Dulcy Singh for nominating me, it means a lot to me. For those who don’t know about Dulcy Singh. She is a wonderful blogger with awesome writing skills. Her stories have great lessons and impacts for learners. She is one of the best bloggers who always supports and encourage others’ post by commenting and showing her concerns over the topic.

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My answers:

1-When is your birthday? Most precious gift that you would cherish lifelong?

ANS: My Birthday is on 7th December 1985. My Son

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ANS: Karachi, Pakistan

3- Which supernatural powers would you choose – being invisible or to read others mind?

ANS: Invisible

4-What would you prefer – tea or coffee?

ANS: Coffee

5- How do you spend time when you’re free?

ANS: Blogging, Movies, Travel

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My 1st Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Thanks Selina Limboo

Today is an exciting day and a milestone for me. As today, I got my 1st WordPress writing award nomination from one of my lovely friends and an inspiration to me. I am so happy and thankful to Ms. Selina Limboo for considering my blog worthy of this.

To everyone reading this, Seli is an amazing writer whose writing pieces reflect real emotions and an eye opener reality. I am truly amazed by how much love💖 she has been able to attract in a very less span of time which can be totally justified looking at her work. Please check out her blog https://selisdiary.wordpress.com/ and I am sure you won’t regret it.

I would also like to thank Vincent Ehindero for taking this initiative of appreciating bloggers through these awards.

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My Answers:

  1. Is blogging a profession or a hobby for you?

– Writing is my hobby so I love writing and sharing my thoughts but let c if it turns to be my profession.

  • How many friends have you made from blogging?

– Well the number is increasing day by day and I am glad for that.

  • What activities inspire you to feel like you’re living your life to the fullest?

– Travelling, Movies, Thinking and praying

  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

– I see myself much settled in both personal and professional life.

  • Do you ever regret any of your posts?

– By the grace of Almighty not so far and I pray that I never have to regret for any of my words

I would like to nominate the following wonderful blogs✨ which are an inspiration in their respective ways. Please check out their blogs.

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Dance With My Father

Back when I was a child

Before life removed all the innocence

My father would lift me high

And dance with my mother and me

And then spin me around ’til I fell asleep

Then up the stairs he would carry me

And I knew for sure

I was loved

If I could get another chance

Another walk, another dance with him

I’d play a song that would never, ever end

How I’d love, love, love

To dance with my father again

If I could steal one final glance

One final step, one final dance with him

I’d play a song that would never, ever end

‘Cause I’d love, love, love

To dance with my father again


Saifur Rehman Minhas

Never Compare Yourself

A Lion and a shark were arguing and comparing themselves which each other. Lion said that it can hunt animals on the ground while the Shark claiming to be hunting in the deep sea. Both were calling each other useless.

Actually, in my opinion, this argument was total baseless and waste of time. We cannot call a Lion useless because of the fact that it cannot hunt in the deep sea and vice versa because God has created both of them with some different and unique characteristics.

Similarly, if rose smells way much better than tomato, it doesn’t mean that we can use rose for cooking and making curry.

Bottom line is that God has created everyone and everything with some unique specialties and benefits. So, in humans too, every human being is different as compare to other. So what is the point of comparing yourself with others? The worst wastage of time is to spend on comparing yourself with others. The way others got succeeded, not necessary that you will get it too. Never ever under estimate and degrade yourself by comparing yourself with others. You have your own unique specialties that other person is incapable of.

Always try to find out your strengths and powers and equipped yourself to fight the world and prove yourself in the stage of life. Always look yourself positively and optimistically and always make hopes with yourself, not to anyone else. So, make yourself useful for yourself and for others as well. Always thankful to God who created you perfectly and never ever ungrateful to HIM and never ever envy others.

Trust yourself and you will shine brighter than the star.

Domestic Violence

It feels so heartbroken and depressing to me when someone suffer so much that he/she lost her/his life.

Recently, a girl lost her life by tolerating home abuse of her own husband. She was tortured and humiliation by her husband who was unable to control his anger. Women who married and sacrifice her own comfort, her own home and family for the love of her life, didn’t know that she was marrying a monster in the form of a “MAN”. What a shame that a woman is not save in her own home.

In my view, it’s the fault of our society that forces a woman to sacrifice throughout her life for the sake of her family, children, parents, husband and in-laws. The most shameful phrase prevailing in our society is “What people will say” and this phrase destroyed most of the lives in our society. Although in reality nobody gives a shit about your life. It is the fault of our society that give so much domination to “MAN” that they started thinking like they are “GOD”. In our religion, Islam gives domination to man over women but there are criteria for that. Domestic violation and force domination is not allowed at all in Islam. If being abusive is all about domination, then Islam strongly condemns that domination. Although marriage is all about sacrificing and compromising but its both ways. Not only for women only.

Another fault of our society is that we think that a failure marriage is the fault of a woman. Like:

  1. “You are too sensitive”
  2. “You are overreacting”
  3. “You need to give time to your relationship”
  4. “Time will heal everything”
  5. “Think about your children”
  6. “No one will accept a divorced woman in the society”
  7. “Relationship is all about compromising from women side”
  8. “Man will be changed after becoming a father”

By teaching above points, we compel women to tolerate domestic violence and abuse in a hope that one day her husband will become a saint magically.

Compromising is a two-way process not only women are allowed to compromise and sacrifice.

Now, this guy is in jail now but this is useless because a girl lost her life and this loss is irreplaceable.

Courtesy: Faiz Hassan

How to Transform Local Companies into Multinationals

Every person in our society want to work in multinationals and every organization want to be a multinational.

It’s a misfortune that organizations want to go globally but don’t act like one. They even don’t want to change to become one.

Rather than putting too much into advertising and marketing the new face of the company, it is much better to provide employees a multinational work environment. Always remember, your organization’s inner view will always reflect to the outer world.

When your employees have the multinational mindset, it will reflect with their appearance, work, creativity etc. and thus your organizational image will lift automatically. You wont need to tell the whole world that “We are multinational” your organizational culture, your people will loud about that.

It is very simple by following basic principles which involve no / less monetary value

  1. Regard and respect your employee
  2. Non-monetary rewards (Appreciation)
  3. Maintaining floor ethics
  4. Empowering employees
  5. Value their opinion
  6. Friendly work environment.
  7. Recreational activities for employees
  8. Annual dinner meetups and family gatherings
  9. Understand and help in their personal issues
  10. Sympathy and empathy with employees

These are very basic things that will feel your employees like they are working in a big cooperation. Their inner peace and satisfaction will lead your organization to grow more and will lift the image of your organization in cooperate sector.

Remember: Happy employee = Company growth.

A True Leader

This world has witnessed many leaders since its inception. Every leader has his own characteristics and charismatic personality. Leaders are not born, they made themselves leader by through their experience, learning and personality.

In 586 AD, no one knows that this world will face a true great leader who will not only transform Muslim world to world super power but also govern over 2,200,000 Sq Miles. He was no other but Umer Bin Khattab (RA).

He is the one whom Prophet PBUM asked from Allah and said, “O Allah, give strength to Islam through the conversion to Islam of either one of the two Umars”.

Umar RA was so God gifted in decision making that Allah liked his (RA) decision on many occasions. Prophet PBUH said, “Had there been any prophet after me, he would have been Umar”. He was so pious and virtuous that Prophet PBUH said, “O Umar, by God, Satan will flee from the way/path that is chosen by you”.

Early Life:

Hazrat Umar e Farooq RA was a mighty and eminent personality in the history of Islam who offered a lot of services for Islam. He was born in 583 AD in Banu Adi tribe of Quraish (Makkah). He was non-Muslim in the start and was a business man by profession. Although before acceptance of Islam he was one of the biggest enemies of Prophet PBUH but after acceptance of Islam, he was one of the closest companion of Prophet PBUH. During early days of Islam, there were very limited literate people in Quraish. Umar RA was one of them. After his (RA) acceptance of Islam, Muslims got strengthen and started offering prayers openly.

Services for Islam:

After his conversion to Islam, Muslims feel so powerful that they loudly chanted “Allaho Akbar” and they started praying openly in Kaba. He fought almost all the battles in his life and fought well because of his warfare skills. At the time of migration, he openly announced and asked if anyone has courage to stop him. He served as an important advisor during Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakar era.

As a Caliph:

He is the only leader who gave governing system, laws and principles to the world and many countries still following his laws. He conquest over 2,200,000 Sq Miles area. Many historians claim that if he would live and govern for the next 10 years, there would be no other religion but Islam.

Following are the battles that he fought and win

  1. Battle of Qadsiah
  2. Battle of Yarmook
  3. Capture of Palestine
  4. Fall of Alexandria and capture of Egypt
  5. Battle of Persia

During his time world has witnessed the Muslims as a super Power of that time.

System Given by Hazrat Umar RA:

  1. He gave himself the title of “Ameer ul Momineen” i.e “Leader of the Faithful”.
  2. He gave the concept of institution of Bait ul Maal.
  3. He held the census for the first time in the history of Islam
  4. Fixed salaries / pensions for the unemployed to support them. This law has been followed throughout the world now.
  5. He introduced the canal system for drinking as well as for irrigation purpose.
  6. Godowns were constructed for food storage and control the profit ratio for the business class to avoid any imbalance in the society.
  7. He properly implemented judiciary system and laws were written and deployed Judges
  8. Islamic calendar was developed
  9. Postal system was introduced.
  10. Policing, spying, military system was introduced to implement law and order.
  11. He used to visit different towns in disguised at night to examine what is going on. He said “Even if a dog dies within the territorial jurisdiction of my caliphate, I would be held accountable for it.”
  12. Teacher were properly appointed to boost education.
  13. Many new cities were established
  14. Modification and extension of Masjid al Haram to facilitate pilgrims

If we study all the great leaders or conquerors, no one gave us the system of governance. Instead they damage the system and gave people nothing but death to show their power.

Whereas, Hazrat Umar RA gave this world a proper system of governance and a concept of true welfare society.

On 27th Zilhaj 23 Hijri, he (RA) was stabbed with a poisoned knife by Abu Lolo Feroz, when he (RA) was leading the morning (Fajar) prayers. He (RA) was injured and five days later on 1st Muharram 24 Hijri, he (RA) embraced martyrdom. His glorious caliphate lasted for 10 years and five months.

Think Global, Act Local

In my previous blogs regarding PR and marketing, I have always emphasized on ethical marketing along with creative ideas to have strong impact.

For marketing, it is observed, that many companies neglects local scenarios, ethics, morality and code of conduct. Just to be highlighted, they use unethical (“Pathetic”) means of marketing. For instance, YSL uses so much nudity to its marketing content. Hardee’s uses subliminal dirty messages in their campaigns ETC.

Recently, I came across with a new weird marketing campaign of a multinational Taxi service ‘Careem’. Careem is operating in many countries worldwide.

Although, last year I appreciated their April fool marketing campaign in Pakistan. You can find the link here :


But This time they simply ‘Nailed’ it. First let me show you the billboard.


This billboard stated that ” If you want to run from your wedding on your wedding day, you can call the Careem bike ride.”

In Pakistani scenario, calling off the wedding is a most negative and offensive act. So, Government of Pakistan asked them to ‘call off’ this campaign. This not only hurt the brand image of the company but also resulted in big marketing loss.

Another parallel campaign they are running (See Pic)


This has a subliminal message that states ” During traffic if you feeling the need of toilet, call ‘Careem’ bike”. As I told you that this is a subliminal message and may exactly not mean what I have translated. But still, is this the right marketing content? In my view, its not.

There are a lot of Ideas for a ethical and creative marketing campaigns which we can achieve through brainstorming, rather showing the dirty side of your mind.