The Land of the “Lights”

It was a pleasant day. Weather is really moderate when i walked out of airport. Different people of different nationalities, different sect and different background were easily be seen. It was a good feeling to be in one of my dream place to visit which has variety of specialties. I was picked up by my uncle from airport and then headed directly towards home. I was watching left and right out of the window the beautiful scenic views of the highways and huge building. i could not believe that this place was once a desert and they transform that desert into a green city. “How could it be possible?” asked my uncle. “Well dear if you are sincere with your country and you allocate proper resources to build up and maintain, then everything is possible!!”. I was just viewing the huge structures and a chain of huge buildings on my left right. Structural engineering was at its peak. Roads and highways were even jerk less. Pollution free environment, fresh air and green belt can easily be seen throughout. I was bragging about all this in front of my friend back to my country so he was laughing and said ” What is so special about it?”. “Well nothing special about this land. Just it has the world tallest building, Asia’s biggest malls, one of the top tourist spots, negligible crime rate, best law and order, one of the biggest airline in the world, top in human rights, best and strict labor laws, land of the beautiful Mosques, best structural engineering and architecture in the world, best public transportation mood, best metro system, city of lights and list continues and hosting World Expo 2020” He was astonished and amazed Yes its nothing but Dubai. Dubai is the best example for the world. Just after 42 years of its independence just in 42 years its one of the most developed country in the world. Although majority of population is comprises of Indians, Pakistanis, Philippine and local Arabs. One of the major contributor for Dubai’s development was once Pakistan. In my opinion, Dubai is an example of sincere people, government and government regulated bodies. The best part of Dubai is its structural engineering which they are master of and you could find that construction level easily in the whole world. anything they build, they build it so perfectly that even I tried a lot to find any loop hole but failed. If you visit Dubai, but not its malls, then you visit nothing! state of the art malls with creative ideas and creative design Here are some of the pics of the malls of Dubai

Ibn-e-Batoota mall. Comprises of different courts like Persia, India, Egypt etc
Ibn-e-Batoota mall.
Comprises of different courts like Persia, India, Egypt etc
Chinese Court at Ibn-e-Batoota mall
Chinese Court at Ibn-e-Batoota mall
Food Court of Ibn-e-Batoota Mall and its not sky at the top but a ceiling  :P
Food Court of Ibn-e-Batoota Mall and its not sky at the top but a ceiling πŸ˜›
Mirdif City Centre  Asia's biggest mall
Mirdif City Centre
Asia’s biggest mall
Mirdif City Centre  look at the ceiling
Mirdif City Centre
look at the ceiling
Deira City Centre
Deira City Centre
Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

And the list goes on…

Well in short, if you have not seen Dubai, actually you have not seen the world

Published by M. Zeeshan Horani

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20 thoughts on “The Land of the “Lights”

  1. Great ! Their government has utilized the World’s best minds, creative innovations and engineering concepts to structure their land to Wonderland.


    1. yes, Safiullah they are actually sincere with there country and in my view sincerity come by nature. Although it acquire inspiration also but look we Pakistanis have great inspiration for sincerity like partition sacrifices but still…. we lack a lot behind
      May God hive us some sense


  2. Really good read , especially for people who have not been outside Pakistan and visited such countries. It always takes you with surprise when you visit such places and see the architecture over there.

    P.S Nice photography


  3. Duuude, Mirdif city centre is not Asia’s biggest mall its Dubai mall, u must’ve got it mixed up:) u didnt even tell us about ur website:@


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