MWC 2014: Nokia X Ready To Rock The World

New Nokia X

Recently Nokia comes up with a new series in the cell phone market by the name of Nokia X which is powered by forked version of android.

Manufacturer showcased 3 new handsets i:e Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL at Barcelona, Spain on Feb 24.

Although there is a lot of cell phone manufacturers making phones powered by android so what’s a big deal for Nokia to come up with the same?

Nokia X family is powered by jelly bean version of android. It’s a “Forked” version of android which means Google services are replaced by Microsoft services. Nokia store is almost same like Google’s play store with major apps but just a change of the name. Nokia X family also support some 3rd party app stores as well like Yandex app store which is relatively new but growing at the same time with more than 100,000 apps .

And the best part of it which I like is, unlike the Google’s play store no one can upload the apps on the store. Whoever uploads the app on Nokia store it will be verified by Nokia then it will be uploaded, so you will have no chance to get any virus or bogus apps.

If we talk about Microsoft service on Nokia X, Instead of Google Drive Nokia introduced its OneDrive (formally known as Sky drive) with the storage up to 100 GBs. On the other hand Google Drive will let you have 15 GBs only. So you don’t need Google Drive. It will have MS Office instead of Google’s Open Office and just imagine the power of MS Office on your Device. People prefer to use MS Office than Open Office. Instead of Google’s Map you will have Nokia Here Maps which are same like Google’s Map.

The best part of it which I like the most about Nokia Normandy is its custom android which means you can customize your hardware according to your need it is called “Forked” version of android. Forked is done by manufacturer and root can be done by user himself.

Price point of the showcased Nokia X, X+ and XL devices are 89, 99 and 109 Euros. Nokia X will be available right after the MWC whereas X+ and XL will be made available in Q2 2014 i:e somewhere from April 2014 onwards.

So in short, Nokia is coming up with a big bang in Android market with its new line of phones. Just imagine Nokia hardware reliability along with the power of Android!

Published by M. Zeeshan Horani

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5 thoughts on “MWC 2014: Nokia X Ready To Rock The World

  1. Launching three android set now!! I think its too late now. Nokia is trying to survive and I don’t think that launching phone with these specifications will make Nokia to survive. Screen pixel density, RAM, processor in every aspect it cannot compete with phones now in market like HTC, Samsung, and now Qmobile. Even Samsung and HTC have low cost low specs set better than these three nokia sets. In my opinion nokia won’t be able to compete even with Qmobile 🙂


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