MWC 2014: Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4s?



Samsung recently announced one of its new flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S5 in the event of MWC 2014, Barcelona, Spain.

According to the manufacturer, the new gadget comes up with some new features and new developments.

Although I am one of the biggest fans of Samsung gadgets, especially their R & D and their unique features but this time Samsung really disappointed many of its fans as there is no notable change in the new device both in terms of design and features that makes it stand apart from its predecessor Galaxy S4.

If we talk about design, it has only 5.1” Super AMOLED full HD (1920x 1080p) resolution with a pixel density of 440ppi. You will be amazed to know that the pixel density is lower than Galaxy S4 which has 441ppi along with the same Super AMOLED full HD (1920x 1820p) but just a minor smaller screen size of 5.0”. It simply means the “Display is going down” which is shocking.

In terms of processor, it was rumored that the new device will come up with the Octa-core Exynos6 (64 bit). Instead, it comes up with same 32 bit architecture with 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801, which isn’t much of an improvement over the Snapdragon 800 used in Galaxy S4. Galaxy S5 is going to probably be at best 15% faster than the previous version, not really a number many people are going to want to hear when they are told this is the latest and greatest.

Well, Galaxy S5 does have some notable features, including the fingerprint sensor, which Apple and HTC have already done and the IP67 water and dust proofing, which Sony has been doing for generations now. So, really, Samsung isn’t doing anything unique, revolutionary or ground breaking. Although heart rate monitor is something new but again it won’t attract the masses.

Yes, it does comes up with good camera features with its 16 MP camera that’s something much needed. But that is it!

If Samsung were following Apple’s naming conventions, the Galaxy S5 might instead be called the Galaxy S4S.

In the end I must advise to people having Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3, not to switch up to Galaxy S5 because your Galaxy S4 or Note 3 is almost equal to Galaxy S5.

Published by M. Zeeshan Horani

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